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Current Software Versions

NCO Leaders Book (Version 2013.03)

Platoon Leaders Book (Version 2013.03)

USB Commander (Version 2013.03)
NCO Leaders Book (Version 2008)

We have opted for a (Year.Month.Day) version tracking system, starting with the release of the NCO Leaders Book (Version 2008)

This (Year.Month.Day) System is called V.I.N "Version Identification Number"
Your Software's Version Identification Number is for you to determine your current version. This can be found under Help (About) on the main Menu.
NCO Leaders Book (Version 2008.7)
Shows the year and month it was released being (July 2008)

jVersion Location


Another example would be:

NCO Leaders Book (Version 2008.7.14)

This would be July 14th 2008

jVersion Information
At a minimum there is 12 releases per year, ensuring you have the most up todate information and software available. This Version ID Number is cridical in determinating Software problems if any accure, in order to recieve quick and accurete Support if needed.
None NCO Leaders Book (Version 2013.03) is the most current released version to date. Login and view "Free Downloads" to read more about this Service Update....Under "Software Service Updates"


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